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Racist Ross Nelson of kings Langley,

Racist Ross Nelson of kings Langley,

May be you are a pimp of Bangkok and that’s why you look down on migrants. But, enough is enough. I can’t take it any more. Your racist filths and deliberate lies must be stopped right now. The time has come for legal action.

Your illustrious Prime Minister misused and abused anti-Terror legislations and conspired a strip search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk. You lot too, did the same thing and conspired the ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) against me.

Filthy Philip Ruddock ‘virtually’ asked his daughter to open her legs for Israeli child molester for power as demonstrated in credible links of Legs are Open for Business. Today, you are blindly following your ‘cult leader’ and insulting me falsely because racism made you blind.

I have been fighting for taxi drivers’ welfare and safety for a long time and undeniable evidences will prove my case. On the other hand, you and your ‘cult leader’ only joined in the movement recently to satisfy your lust and greed. During the process you lot have damaged taxi drivers movement in many ways.

A short History of the Taxi Industry and Warning to Greedy People, Howard's Industrial Relations Terrorism, Three Saints Without Sanity!, The Culture of Arrogance, Corruption and Nepotism in Australia, We Do Not Need "slime" - We Do Need A Royal Commission, Monster to cult leader, Draconian Dictators, and How the Gold Coast QTDA went under are only a few examples.

Legs are Open for Business

Further to Australian Values, My response to Dolly of 2GB (Sydney’s hate machine) and Racist and Blind Alan Fisher of England please examine the following should you wish.

The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk and father and daughter episode was covered up nicely by the Zionised media of Australia including Lord Downer of Baghdad! The story, legs are open for business and the Brazilian connection are good enough for this time.

Have a nice day anyway.

Racist and Blind Alan Fisher of England

My responses are in bold.

Racist and Blind Alan Fisher does not know his forefathers terrorised poor Iranians and looted their wealth as they did in many parts of the world. Today, they are terrorising poor Iraqis! Yet, he got the audacity to talk about Islamic Terrorism! What an ignorant hypocrite!! I also know many good Christians who openly condemn the Zionised Anglo-American TERROSRISM. So please take it easy Mr. sanctimonious Fisher.

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Re: [Taxi List] RE: House of Dictators

From: [] On Behalf Ofunion_faruque

In one of the websites Mr Ahmed promotes, it says:What would help stop that (assuming it exists) is if terrorists (such as the recent London bombers) turned out to be part of any religion other than followers of Islam. I know quite a few Muslims who are aghast at the terrorists and the way they value life so cheaply, but have seen very little in the way of them doing anything to help. Talk is cheap, Mr. Ahmed...

Alan FisherLondon (Eng)

Thank you Chris.

--- In, "Chris Manning" wrote: Perhaps Ross should go back to New Zealand.

Thank you Karl and please do not forget to identify the fact that who started personal abuse and religious attacks based on greed and deliberate prejudice!

--- In, "K. Weiszhaar" wrote:And this is related to the taxi business, how? Sorry. I gotta pull the plug on this. Karl in Denco

Racist and greedy Ross Nelson,

This is not your country. In fact you do not have any right to lecture me or any one for that matter as this country belongs to Aboriginals. First of all you and your forefathers should pack up your bags and go back to the filthy place you came from and you don’t have to be cranky with me because I have exposed your undemocratic and dictatorial nature.

Surely Israeli Holocaust, Holocaust continuum, super Nazis, Rude and Violent Israelis, The Iron Wall, A list of UN Resolutions against "Israel" and The Holocaust as political asset are the real issues. Iraq pullout would hurt Israel, Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel and the Middle East Formula for Peace along with The Green Zone Follies are a few good examples to prove "Who control America"? Obviously, the answer is Israelis control America and these are only a few good examples to pin point the undeniable fact who really controls America and why the poor Americans are dying like dogs and cats for Israel!

--- In, "Ross Nelson" wrote:
RE: House of Dictators

Faruque Amhed you are neither an Arab or much of a Muslim are you?Is it true that you are staying in the beautiful and bountiful country of Australia on an extended protection visa?Surely it is safe to go back to Bangladesh now. You are not needed or wanted here.OK … I will not argue about the tribes of the Middle East. Let’s just say Anti-Jewish. You accept that label, right?Please explain how Zionists could be Nazis ? Oh WW2 was just a Zionist propaganda campaign huh?You are an idiot Ahmed and the sooner you are booted out of Australia the better.You have never been any use to taxi drivers. An embarrassment is what you are.


Australian Heroes

Ross Nelson of Kings Langley is A Zionist Boot Licker Too! Well Ross Muslims and Arabs can't be anti-Semite. To make it exciting why don’t you add John Howard – The Lying Son of A Bitch in your collection!

Further to Australian Values, Tradition and ozcabs heroes most Muslims and Arabs are Semites and therefore the Arabs and Muslims cannot be accused as "anti-Semites". Nonetheless, you people have been doing so for a long time without any valid reason and ground. The so-called Israelis and their supporters are only 25% Semites and therefore the false `defense shield' called "anti-Semitism" is totally absurd and idiotic.Abridged from: Nazi Zionist Criminals Exposed

--- In, "Chris Manning"
> I am told that a certain Jewish organisation who does not take kindly to anti-Semitism is most interested. > You might as well just say 'a certain Jewish organisation'.
Source: Taxi-List

From: Ross Nelson [mailto:rossnelson@...]Sent: Monday, 2 July 2007 4:50 PMTo: 'union_faruque'; '';''Subject: RE: [NSWTDAFORUM] House of Dictators

Perhaps Faruque Ahmed (who is so interested in legal matters) would like to explain to this forum what his status as one who resides in Australia is.I am told that a certain Jewish organisation who does not take kindly to anti-Semitism is most interested.
Source: Taxi-List

House of Australian Vagabond Dictators
That's how democracy looks like! Please join the House of dictators and throw your loose changes to them. P.S. Italic added.

5.11 Removal of an Officer or Serving Member of the Committee.
A meeting of the Committee may suspend or remove by passing a resolution any person on the Committee other than a Founding Member (do you mean those sacred cows!) from their position before the expiration of the person's term of office where the person concerned has shown a gross dereliction of duty and has acted persistently in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the Association.

4.2 The Committee will consist of the foundation members (holy Brahmins) and those and or other nominated and or appointed members will constitute the listed office bearers.

3.10 Foundation Members The Foundation Members of the Association are David Bradley, Mohammed Hadid, Michael Jools, Ross Nelson and Michelle Strathmore (Is it because many of them are serial bankrupts, professional cheats and shameless enough to use taxi drivers for their narrow personal gains?). The Foundation Members may by, simple majority vote, elect replacement or additional members from time to time as may be necessary to retain five active members.

20 Alteration of the Constitution This constitution and rules hereunder shall be altered, rescinded or added to by only a special resolution passed by the committee of founding members (Do you mean gang of five dictators?) in full session.[ Note the application of 15.2]

The sanctified source and Sydney Taxi Corruption

The Strip Search of New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clerk

John Howard is the most xenophobic leader Australia has ever had. He has been promoting anti-Muslim and anti-Arab feelings for a long time. He has been doing so based on false and manufactured reasons and grounds. His actions are very much hypocritical too. He supports and finances a few NON MUSLIM SECTS who treat women like domestic animals. My friend Senator Brown has been trying to expose them but xenophobic Howard is blocking them. Yet, whenever Howard tries to con the people or would like to divert attention from the real issues, he falsely and maliciously talks about “hijab” or “liberating” Islamic women. He does so, because he knows, “Islam and Arab bashing is the most popular sports in the town”. Howard supports Israel blindly. He ordered to strip search our neighboring country New Zealand’s Prime Minister Ms. Helen Clerk as she refused to compromise her country’s security and integrity to war criminal Israelis and their vindictive behaviors during the Mossad Passport Scandal earlier. Please read the email below should you wish!

Ta. Faruque

Hi Faruque,

Thank you for your email to Senator Brown. Are you talking about the press release Bob put out in relation to this matter? I have attached a copy of an article from the ABC online news for your information.


Michelle O'Toole
Office of Senator Bob Brown
GPO Box 404 Hobart 7001
Ph 03 62 341 633 Fax 03 62 341 577

Howard Australia's most xenophobic leader, Greens say Prime Minister John Howard has been accused of being the most xenophobic leader Australia has ever had. Over the past few days Mr Howard's has re-stated his view that some Muslim immigrants need to learn English and treat women better in order to fit in with Australian values. Greens leader Senator Bob Brown says the Prime Minister's attitude to Muslim immigrants contrasts with former Liberal prime minister Malcolm Fraser. Senator Brown says Mr Fraser welcomed Vietnamese migrants and refugees in the late 1970s. "We are in a different era in which the leader of this country, for the first time in much more than half a century, is promoting a xenophobia which divides the country and which harms citizens in this country who have no right to be picked out by a leader for special criticism in the way that John Howard has," he said. Senator Brown also says extremism must be tackled. But he says it is not confined to the Islamic community: "Just last month the Prime Minister blocked an inquiry into the Exclusive Brethren sect, which is misogynist and which represses women in a way which should simply not be allowed in Australian society," he said. "It's un-Australian, but it's fostered by the Prime Minister."

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Source: Melbourne Indy Media

Pressure on new Israeli envoy builds
By Mark Forbes, Barney ZwartzFebruary 18, 2005
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Tainted diplomat withdraws application

Israel is coming under increasing pressure to reconsider its latest diplomatic appointment to Australia after complaints that the official had been involved in a South American sex scandal.

This comes amid reports that the diplomat he is replacing, Amir Laty - allegedly expelled in December on national security grounds - believes he may have been forced out of Australia because of his close contact with Attorney-General Philip Ruddock's daughter.

In the latest of a series of controversies besetting Israel's Canberra embassy, some Australian Jewish leaders have protested at the appointment of Aryeh Scher as a senior consul. Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Zegev confirmed Mr Scher had previously been censured for improper conduct in Brazil, but an inquiry determined he had not indulged in criminal behaviour.

Mr Zegev said concerns had been raised "from several quarters" about the appointment, "so we are having a second look at the appointment because we take these concerns very seriously".

Mr Scher had been "a young single man in Brazil" five years ago. An Israeli Civil Service Commission hearing into sex ring allegations found "behaviour unbecoming of a diplomat, but there was no criminal conduct", Mr Zegev said.

He firmly rejected media reports that Mr Scher had been part of a child sex ring.

Graeme Leonard, president of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, said he had not complained to Israel. "My executive took the view that it was best left to the Government to sort out, and we were confident they would," he told The Age.

Australian Jewish News editor Dan Goldberg said the Israeli Foreign Ministry had shown a "blatant disregard" for the spotlight shining on the embassy because of the Laty affair in deciding "to dispatch a diplomat who had been implicated by Brazilian police, rightly or wrongly, in a child sex scandal".

But Mr Goldberg has editorialised to defend Mr Laty, suggesting he was expelled in tit-for-tat diplomacy because one of two Israelis convicted in New Zealand last year for passport fraud had been living in Sydney.

A spokesman for Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said he had no comment.

A spokeswoman for Mr Ruddock said any link between his daughter and Mr Laty had no connection to his departure. Mr Ruddock is responsible for the ASIO spy agency. The Age has confirmed reports that Mr Laty had been invited to spend time at the Ruddock home at Christmas. It is believed the invitation was withdrawn after Australian authorities ordered his expulsion.

It is not believed that the relationship was close, but ASIO is believed to have had concerns about Mr Laty's motivations.

Caitlin Ruddock, 26, is an accounting lecturer at the University of NSW. She is believed to have met Mr Laty while studying in Beijing.

Ms Ruddock would not elaborate yesterday, saying only: "This issue has nothing to do with me. You should speak to my dad's office."

Mr Laty's expulsion has been linked to his visits to two Mossad agents convicted for attempting to fraudulently obtain passports in New Zealand. Government sources have also tried to claim that the move against Mr Laty was due to his personal relationships, and alleged pursuit of women, in Canberra - including Defence Department employees

Source: Zionised media

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