Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cultural Superiority

Cultural Superiority

Four middle aged women were having a long lunch and babbling about their cultural superiority in a taxi cab. The smart cabbie had enough of their ear bashing and politely asked, “how the hell your culture is superior than Asian culture”? Four of them jumped on him.

Cabbie: Tell me, “who taught you how to use ‘Sabon’ (soap)?
Who encouraged you to have a shower?
Isn’t it true that some European kings ordered to behead anyone for daring to have a shower?
How frequently the Europeans used to change their bed sheets?
Once in every two years?
Isn’t it the Arabs and Muslims taught you about many good things of life including a few ones I just mentioned?

They argued vehemently and eventually found out the cabbie was right. The cabbie finally said, “forget about cultural superiority and have a good time without prejudice and bigotry.
You will discover that the life is beautiful.

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